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Hunting dog tournaments keep dogs and hunters in shape for the season

The hunter and his dog crouched behind a hay bale.

On the other side, a man drove a 4-wheeler behind two boys planting chukars in tufts of dried grass. The boys placed the tan game birds with tell-tale white and black stripes in random places away from each other.

Hog Back Labs owning a well-trained gundog doesn’t just happen by chance; an intensive training program is normally undertaken from the puppy stage, often with the help of a club. Working Gundogs is committed to providing training for its members and regularly conducts training days and other events to improve dogs for hunting and retrieving in the field. The dog’s skills are also honed for trials. The discipline is structured to facilitate all levels of dogs, from young beginners to mature champions, and is fortunate to have some of leading trainers and handlers as instructors.


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Hog Back Labs is seeking sponsorship to give them the resources to compete at a championship level as a tournament hunting team. The team will compete in the Chucker Classic Champion, North American Gun Dog Qualifier Champion, NBDC Western National Puppy Flusher Champion, and many local events


  • 1. When not in the field hunting, all firearms must be unloaded with the action open.

  • 2. Always treat firearms as if they are loaded, keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction; keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

  • 3. A participant shall be disqualified for unsafe gun-handling. A negligent or accidental discharge is a disqualification. Dropping a loaded firearm will result in a disqualification. Gun may be laid down on the ground as long as it is unloaded. Gun may be handed to judge during hunt as long as action is open.


Bruin Hawk
Moon Dog
Jack Hawk (Left)

Hog Back Labs. California Team Tournament Hunters

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